MatrixTL® platform

MatrixTL® platform consists of maintenance and asset management solutions for desktop and mobile.

MatrixTL®Safety for safety management and MatrixTL® business modules which includes warehouse management, human resources, production management, company fleet management etc.


MatrixTL® asset management and maintenance tool

Is a new a generation CMMS solution engineered to solve real life maintenance problems.MatrixTL® is an extremely  easy to learn and quick to implement solution. Main focus of MatrixTL® is an equipment downtime reduction, know-how transfer and retention, standardization in maintenance.

MatrixTL® is a large and highly complex solution with many features, some of the features are:

  • Internet of things (IOT) and remote PLC hardware connection capability with support for over 130 hardware manufacturers & drivers
  • Centralized search of all your technical documents,technical drawings, reports, etc.
  • Maintenance Costs Analysis
  • Maintenance Analysis
  • Installed Hardware Analysis
  • Integration of installed hardware into DWG files.
  • Drawings (DWG files) Display and DWG Editing functions.
  • Integration of DWG files into reporting
  • Plant/Unit Overall status Analysis
  • Service Reports
  • Handover Reports (Daily and Monthly)
  • Tasks scheduling /work organization
  • Users Management and Access control
  • Mobility – with Mobile, all reports, technical documentation
  • Etc..

MatrixTL®Safety Management

Is a safety at work management system, which main focus is to increase safety key performance indicators. Safety Management module features:

  • Electronic permit to work system (PTW)
  • Display and track of all current jobs